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Conference Interpretation

Conference Interpretation

As specialists in the business and public sectors, Global Voices provide conference interpreters working in over 150 languages. We offer face to face interpretation as well as video and telephone interpreters for events and conferences nationwide.

What type of conference interpreters are available?

Conference interpretation is one of our most requested forms of face to face interpretation across every sector, allowing attendees at large events to understand each other and any featured speakers.

Global Voices’ team of conference interpreters offer both of the main forms of face to face interpreting: simultaneous interpretation, where the interpreter will translate what is being said at the same time as the speaker who they are translating, and consecutive interpretation, where the interpreter waits until the speaker pauses before they translate.

In most circumstances, a simultaneous interpreter will sit in a soundproof booth in sight of the source-language speaker, linked to the listeners via headsets. This is a non-intrusive, highly technical interpretation service, requiring the highest standards of professionalism and accuracy. We only choose the most experienced and highly qualified linguists from our network for conference interpreting, and the use of at least two interpreters is necessary to ensure that this extremely technical task is carried out flawlessly.

With consecutive conference interpreting, speech is divided into manageable sections whereby only small parts of the speech are interpreted at a time. This service is best suited for business negotiations, roundtables, and B2B (bilateral) meetings.

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Simultaneous interpretation for your conference

Our simultaneous conference interpreting services can cover events of any size, in any sector, and in any language, allowing all international guests to be catered for at the same time. Many high profile international conferences use simultaneous interpreting, such as the United Nations General Assembly, where guests listen to their interpreters via headsets who relay accurate information back in real time.

Simultaneous interpretation is also suited for global product launches, sales presentations, and other international corporate conferences. Smaller meetings with fewer international attendees, or meetings in which only one participant does not speak the dominant language are better suited to consecutive interpreting.

We would recommend two translators, working in shifts to ensure maximum accuracy and efficiency in their interpretations for your guests. If your delegates speak multiple languages, you can arrange for additional interpreters to cater to their needs, working independently to make sure everyone understands what is being said.

Our Quality

Our conference interpreters all have at least five years’ experience, and are experts in their sector. You can be sure when you request conference interpretation services from Global Voices that you will receive accurate, professional service.


Pricing Packages Available

To find out more about our phone interpreting services, call us on 0845 130 1170, email info@newdev.globalvoices.co.uk, or contact us using our online form. We will acknowledge your request immediately and get back to you within an hour.
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